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The City of Zhongshan was originally called Cuiheng Village, a small town in the Xiangshan County in Guangzhou. It then adopted the name Zhongshan in remembrance of Dr SUN Yat-sen (whose alias is Zhongshan), who was born here. Zhongshan situates in the central-southern part of Pearl River Delta and connects with Guangzhou in the north, with Hong Kong and Macao on its sides. It is an important traffic node of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the west bank of Pearl River Estuary. 

In addition to its heritage of being a great man's birthplace, it is also an advanced manufacturing city and modern service industry base. The vital competitive industries cover equipment manufacturing, home appliances, textile and apparel, electronics, lighting, health medicine and hardware products. It also has emerging industries, including modern service and yacht businesses. The city combines its various advantages including an ecological-friendly living environment, history and culture, and business environment to develop into an international technology innovation centre and industrialisation base of innovative scientific and technological achievements. It aspires to become a boutique city with a high-quality life circle for Live-Work-Play. 

The Zhongshan government renders tremendous support for youth innovation and entrepreneurship. The 'Working Plan to Strengthen Business Start-up and Innovative Demonstrative Bases for Hong Kong and Macao Youths'  issued in June 2019, the information about the establishment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base and the Zhongshan 760 Cultural and Creative Park 'Macao Interactive Zone' offer more in-depth understanding of the government's commitment.  

Please also refer to the  Work Report of Zhongshan Municipal Government (in Chinese only)  for Zhongshan's key efforts in promoting Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. 

Area: 1,784 sq. km

Population: 4,418,100

Transportation (to and from HK):

High Speed Rail, cross-boundary coach, ferry

Key Industry Development:

Key industries including Equipment Manufacturing, Household Appliances, Textiles and Apparel, Electronics, Lighting, Health Medicine, Furniture, Home Appliances and Hardware Products

Emerging industries including Modern Service and Yacht Business