9+2 So easy

The animated video series 9+2 So Easy provides Hong Kong youths information on living, study, career and entrepreneurship opportunities in the Mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area

【9+2 So easy】Episode of Living
The Greater Bay Area offers a wonderful variety of food, entertainment and lifestyle choices, while providing young people many opportunities to explore and broaden their horizons. In this video, we provide the latest information on policies supporting Hong Kong youth who wish to establish themselves in the mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area.
【9+2 So easy】Episode of Career
Mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area give you access to a wide variety of opportunities, such as internship programmes with various organisations and businesses. Grants and subsidies are also available for Hong Kong youth, so let’s take a look and explore some new career options.
【9+2 So easy】Episode of Study
With their wide range of courses and affordable tuition, mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area open up a wealth of educational opportunities for young people in Hong Kong. Mainland schools are now admitting more and more Hong Kong candidates — to get the latest news on studying in the Greater Bay Area, be sure to watch this video.
【9+2 So easy】Episode of Entrepreneurship
Interested in starting your own business? If you have an amazing idea that you would like to bring to life, the rapidly-developing mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area offer abundant opportunities and a market with enormous potential for your products and services. Learn more about the policies of these cities so you can start realising your dreams.