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Out of the Ordinary

To inspire positive thinking and set an example for youth in Hong Kong, we have produced a series of videos that showcase the extraordinary stories of 'ordinary' young achievers.

Michael Lo — Co-founder of Let's Tea and Co-president of Cyberport Startup Alumni Association
With the popularity of unmanned retail, Michael and his partner have taken this concept in developing Hong Kong’s first vending machine for handcrafted Taiwanese tea drinks to provide a fully-automated 24/7 beverage service to customers. In collaboration with manufacturers in mainland China, Michael has brought this innovative concept to life. He is planning to expand his business into the mainland cities in the GBA. As Co-president of the Cyberport Startup Alumni Association, Michael is also...
Victor Lo - Co-founder of Guangdong Shining Farm Company Limited
The latest episode features the story of Victor Lo, a 90’s-born new-generation farmer who has moved to the Mainland China six year ago to research on the environmentally friendly aquaponics technology. Victor has always been passionate about agriculture since college, and he has turned his passion into a profession by kickstarting his farming business in Jiangmen. Despite the many setbacks encountered in the early stage of his business, Victor and his team did not give up.
Cecilia Ho - Founder of 2Bliss Studio
With space limitation, pursuing an art career in Hong Kong is never easy, but that doesn’t stop Cecilia from realising her passion in art! One time in participating an exhibition in Guangzhou, Cecilia was inspired that the value of art is to contribute to the society. She then set up different community projects with the hope to cultivate the talents of young artists and enhance their competitiveness.
Ryan Chow - ESAHK Founding Chairman
“Do what you love, and you may have a chance of success or you leave yourself with regrets. Even you fail, you still gain more than you expect.” Ryan’s perseverance and passion for gaming has helped him progress from a person who failed in his studies to the founder of an eSports company that organised the first eSports Festival. With the goal to promote the local development of eSports, Ryan founded the Esports Association to introduce the concept of eSports to the HKSAR Government.
Nelson Leung - CEO of Guangzhou Conan Culture Communications Limited
Nelson had been very much immersed in the integration between Mainland and Hong Kong since he was in secondary school. After he graduated from the university in Beijing, Nelson came back to Hong Kong to work. After a while, then he decided to leave his comfort zone and started to develop his career in new media industry in the Mainland. He even opened up a Douyin channel to share happenings in his life and start up experience in the Greater Bay Area! Nelson hopes to inspire young people of Hong
Heidi Yu - Lecturer (Dance Science) at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (APA)
Heidi, an exceptional ballet dancer since childhood. She started to learn ballet and went to ShenZhen to receive professional training at the young age of 8, and she became the full time ballerina of the Houston Ballet in the states at the age of 16. In her 20 plus years of ballet career, Heidi had received numerous international awards. Even after being hindered by injury, Heidi’s passion for dancing never subsided. In 2018, she pursued her Master’s degree in Dance Science in the United Kingdom
Carson Tang - A Local Racer
Carson Tang is a local racer. Our new episode of Out of the Ordinary series featured a 21-year-old local racer who shared with us his road from GoKart to Grand Prix. From how he endured the harsh training and competitions, to tour Mainland China for train up in becoming a professional racer. He reminds us "Your efforts may not pay off, but no pain, no gain".
Manchu Cheng – Founder of Guangdong Rixi Tourism & Education Technology Co., Ltd
Doing good deeds has always been the belief of Manchu Cheng. To support education in Mainland China’s rural areas during high school, she found Luyi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd and tried every way to make money. When she was in college, she collaborated with schools in the Greater Bay Area to organise study tours and exchange programmes, to promote communications among the youth in the Greater bay area. She encourages the youth to have the courage to take the first step and make
Manson Lam - Champion of World Balloon Convention 2016 and 2018
Manson aspired to be a balloon artist when he was 15 years old. To pursue his dreams, he even quitted his stable job and set up his own business. He went to Sichuan for training and had been awarded the Champions of the “World Balloon Convention” twice. He hopes young people can understand that with perseverance, everyone can succeed.
Eric Lau, Co-founder of R-Guardian Limited
Are you pursuing a dream? If you do not try, it will always be an assumption. Eric Lau started a smart luggage business and faced a lot of adversities, but with passion and perseverance, he overcame the difficulties and developed his business. With the headquarter in Shenzhen, his company is now one of the top 5 most valued smart luggage business worldwide!
Karen Tsui, Ph.D. student in Art Theory, Central Academy of Fine Arts
After obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Switzerland and working in one of the top advertising firms in Hong Kong, Karen Tsui's passion and interest in Chinese art motivated her to drop the promising job and to work at a famous local Art Gallery, where she was in charge of curatorial work. In order to be more professional in this field, Karen then further her studies at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and is aspired to promote the art exchanges between China and Hong Kong as well as to
Ming Wai Kit, CEO, Shenzhen OCTIS Medical Technology Company
Even though his public exam results were less than ideal, Ming Wai Kit decided to follow his passion and left Hong Kong to study clinical medicine in Guangzhou, where he eventually became a Doctor in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Later, he went to Oxford and Cambridge to further his studies, after which he started his own business in Shenzhen. His message to young people is always to be prepared and think out of the box to embrace endless possibilities.
Jersey Poon, Senior Research Assistant, Rural Urban Framework, Faculty of Architecture at Hong Kong University
As a fan of foreign cultures and making real life connections, Hong Kong University architecture graduate Jersey Poon decided to build a community centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Rather than take the usual path of practising as an architect in a commercial firm, she found this experience far more rewarding than the pursuit of money. Watch the video below to learn more about Jersey's astounding story.
Rachelle Kwong, Full-time Figure Skater
We all hope to live a life of no regrets. So, when Hong Kong figure skater Rachelle realised she had a passion for skating, she put her regular school studies on pause to focus on her Olympic dreams. Watch how she became one of the most promising young athletes in Hong Kong and learn more about her life on and off the skating rink.
Jack Chung, President of Mission Until Dawn
Children should be able to play freely and have fun. MUD (Mission Until Dawn) is a volunteer organisation that aims to help children enjoy their right to play by building playgrounds in Third World countries and Hong Kong. MUD president Jack Chung knows from experience just how fragile life can be and wanted to contribute more to the world wherever he could. Learn about his amazing story and how MUD is changing the world one playground slide at a time.
Mark Mak, Founder of Roborn Dynamics
Mark Mak, a robot enthusiast since an early age, is the founder of Roborn Dynamics. He is also the inventor of the ME motion-controlled biorobot as well as a later version that operates on 5G — the first 5G system robot in China. His invention has been attracting a lot of attention lately for its ability to measure body temperatures in public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing has become critical for combating the virus.
Gordon Chin, CEO of Shenzhen Block Animation Development Limited
Gordon Chin, CEO of Shenzhen Block Animation Development Limited, is a new generation animator. After noticing the great potential of the animation market in the Greater Bay Area, he developed three original video series that have become great hits in Mainland China, Hong Kong and worldwide.
Justine Kwok, Founder of 'Flow Farm'
Justine Kwok left her previous job in 2018 to establish the Flow Farm Natural Education Foundation. Her reason for setting up Flow Farm was to provide a shelter for animals as well as a space where humans and animals can interact in harmony.