Let’s Power Up

Community leaders will share in the videos about their personal and career experiences as well as provide their valuable advice to Hong Kong youths in our Let's Power Up series.

Mr. Stark Chan, the visionary founder of Bull.B Tech
Embarking on a journey of technological innovation began with a spark of curiosity! In this video series, we’re happy to feature Mr. Stark Chan, the visionary founder of Bull.B Tech, as he unravels his inspiring entrepreneurial journey and remarkable accomplishments in the realm of innovative technology. Stark, fondly known as the “Son of the Star”, transitioned from a childhood fascination of dismantling toys and studying electronic components to pioneering his own path in entrepreneurship. H
Mr Duncan Chiu, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council (Functional Constituency - Technology and Innovation)
Mr Duncan Chiu, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council (Functional Constituency - Technology and Innovation), shares with us his views on innovation and technology. Mr Chiu has been actively promoting the development of I&T for nearly 20 years. He believes Hong Kong is currently in a golden age of I&T development. Besides the support of local policies and resources, there are also complementary advantages among cities in the Greater Bay Area, which deepen the cross-border I&T collaboratio
Professor Way Kuo, The Former President of the City University of Hong Kong
Professor Way Kuo, the former president of the City University of Hong Kong, shares with us his views on technology and higher education in Hong Kong. Professor Kuo served as the president of CityU for 15 years. He believes that universities serve as the best platform for young people to showcase their talents. The HK Tech 300 organised by CityU provides diverse entrepreneurial opportunities for students, helping them pursue their dreams! To discover Professor Kuo's perspectives on talent cult
Professor Fredric Mao - Theatre veteran and Director
Prof. Fredric Mao has been active in the theatre industry for over 50 years. He has extensive performance experience on both local and international stage, and had served as HKAPA School of Drama’s Head of Acting. If you want to know more about his thoughts on the development of Hong Kong’s performing arts and his advice for young people who wish to pursue a career in this field, then don’t miss the video!
Ms Vivian Kong - Olympian fencer, “Ten Outstanding Young Persons”
Ms Vivian Kong, an elite athlete, Olympian fencer, and named “Ten Outstanding Young Persons”, shares with us her stories to inspire and motivate Hong Kong youths. Ranked as the world’s number one women’s épèe fencer in 2019, Vivian has made Hong Kong sports history. If you want to know more about her journey and how she overcomes challenges with a positive mindset, don’t miss the video!
Mr Peter Yan - CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
Mr Peter Yan is an industry leader with over 35 years of experience in Innovative Technology. As the CEO, he leads Cyberport to provide support for start-ups. Mr Yan also actively participates in public services, especially in the area of talent development and education. He serves as a council member and Adjunct Associate Professor at various universities. If you are interested in learning as a start-up, how to develop your business, and want to know more about the support that Cyberport offers
Dr Allan Zeman - Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Group
“I see things not for what they are, but what they could be” is one of the well-known mottos from Dr Allan Zeman. He has lived in Hong Kong for over 45 years. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he has been very involved in public and community services. From LKF to Ocean Park, he created innovative ideas and put them into actions, redefining success with his unique insights and ways of thinking.