Travel Around 9+2

Consisting of a bunch of dynamic cities, Greater Bay Area not only is a great place for your living  and career, it’s also filled with amazing places that worth a visit! “Travel Around 9+2” video series features different hotspots in the GBA!  

Zhuhai-Aerospace Land
Let’s check out Zhuhai Aerospace Land, the first national super-scale space centre! The centre showcases our nation’s latest achievements in aerospace, aviation, and national defence. Through interactive activities, visitors can even experience interactive facilities for lunar landings, rocket launches, and lunar mining simulations. Aero Asia 2023 will also take place at the Zhuhai International Air Show Center from November 23rd to 26th. With over 140 global aerospace and unmanned aerial vehicl
Zhaoqing - Seven Star Crags scenic area
A new perspective to view the Seven Star Crags scenic area from Yanqian Village ! Formerly an old village, Yanqian Village has been revitalized and now boasts a collection of guesthouses, cafes, specialty bars and an art center. In daytime, you can relax and enjoy the stunning view of the Seven Star Rocks for the café in the village . While in nighttime, it becomes a gathering place for young people. Yanqian Village has also become a new landmark for the development of the “night economy” in Zh
Zhuhai - Beishan Village
The Beishan Village in Zhuhai is a popular cultural hotspot known for its rich heritage. In addition to the well-preserved Yang Family Ancestral Hall, the village’s traditional Lingnan-style buildings also house a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and independent stores. The Beishan Village is a must-visit destination for coffee, photography, old architecture, and antique enthusiasts!
Guangzhou-Guangdong Museum
The Guangdong Museum is a national first-grade museum in Guangzhou! With four captivating sections: the History Hall, the Nature Hall, the Art Hall, and the Temporary Exhibition Hall, there’s something for everyone. Each hall features valuable exhibits about the history and culture of Guangdong. Don’t miss the Ocean World located on the third floor, featuring stunning marine specimen and a two-story dinosaur fossil!
Jiangmen - Kaiping Diaolou
Kaiping, Jiangmen is home to Guangdong's first World Cultural Heritage, Kaiping Diaolou. Most of these unique structures were built by returning overseas Chinese in the 1920s and 30s, resulting in a fusion of Chinese and Western architectural styles. The Diaolou are categorised into three types: watchtowers, residential towers, and communal towers. Watchtowers were typically built at the entrance of villages, equipped with searchlights and alarm devices to fend off bandit invasions, while reside
Dongguan - Songshan Lake Park
Not only you will find beautiful natural scenery in the Songshan Lake Park, but also European-inspired architecture that houses Huawei's headquarters. The headquarters even features a tram that connects different zones, adding to the European town feel. It’s a popular spot for cycling, picnic, and leisure strolls on the weekends. Join us as we explore the stunning scenery of Songshan Lake Park!
Zhuhai - Zhuhai Grand Theatre
The Zhuhai Grand Theatre is the only opera house built on an island in the country! The theatre on Yeli Island in Zhuhai city comprises of one large and one small “seashell” making the whole architecture very distinctive, hence its nickname “The Seashell of Sun and Moon”. The shell-shaped structures draw inspiration from Zhuhai’s coastal features and there are even light projections at night! Let’s visit this landmark together!
FoShan- He Art Museum
The He Art Museum in Foshan is the largest privately-owned art museum in the South China region! The museum with a total area of approximately 16,000 square meters, the museum was designed by world renowned architect Tadao Ando in a distinctive Lingnan architectural style.The double helix staircase in particular has become a popular check in spot for visitors.
Jiangmen - Gulou Waterfront Resort
Gulou Waterfront Resort is one of the 2020-2022 prime cultural tourism construction projects of Guangdong Province. There are various themed areas and attractions at the Resort, such as the Gulouxu Waterfront Commercial Street, “Children’s Dream Wonderland”, the "Drifting in Dream" Boat Tour, as well as a market with a wide variety of delicacies. Visitor can come here to feel the vibe!
Hong Kong Tsuen Wan - Kwong Pan Tin Village
Many have heard of the Rainbow Village in Taiwan, but do you know there is a Rainbow Village in Hong Kong too ? That is Kwong Pan Tin Village, located at the foothill of Tai Mo Shan. You can take bus route 51 at Tsuen Wan station and get off at Kwong Pan Tin Tsuen Section 2 to get there! The murals in the small village are painted by children, volunteers and villagers, adding vibrancy to the streets.
Guangzhou Zengcheng - 1978 Cultural Creative Park
1978 Cultural Creative Park is located on the east bank of the Zengjiang River in Guangzhou. Through revitalising the original sugar wrap factory, old warehouses, and villages with various creative elements including movie, music, design etc. added, the area became the first ever creative industrial park in Guangdong Province for cultural tourism. The park also features many fantastic spots for photo taking, such as the railway station, white chapel, retro streets, and many more!
Zhongshan - Wenbishan Country Park
Flow Farm is an experiential farm and animal sanctuary located at Wenbishan Country Park in Zhongshan. Here, visitors can have a fully immersive interactive experience to truly connect with nature and animals. Pay a visit to the organic farm to enjoy a farm-to-table experience!
Huizhou - Local bnb
Located in the southeast region of Guangdong province, it’s the second largest city among all the mainland cities in the GBA! Huizhou boasts a vibrant and beautiful natural ecosystem, with bnb as one of the most prosperous industries in their tourism industry. Also, local bnb usually focuses on a more cultural and homey experience.
Shenzhen - Zhongshuge
Zhongshuge is a newly opened bookstore situated in Shenzhen. It is praised as the most beautiful bookstore in China and it has branches across the Mainland. The 1,300 square-meter bookstore features a spiral red bookcase which stands through from the entrance to the entire store, as if the visitors are visiting to an art gallery!