Travel Around 9+2

Consisting of a bunch of dynamic cities, Greater Bay Area not only is a great place for your living  and career, it’s also filled with amazing places that worth a visit! “Travel Around 9+2” video series features different hotspots in the GBA!  

Zhongshan - Wenbishan Country Park
Flow Farm is an experiential farm and animal sanctuary located at Wenbishan Country Park in Zhongshan. Here, visitors can have a fully immersive interactive experience to truly connect with nature and animals. Pay a visit to the organic farm to enjoy a farm-to-table experience!
Huizhou - Local bnb
Located in the southeast region of Guangdong province, it’s the second largest city among all the mainland cities in the GBA! Huizhou boasts a vibrant and beautiful natural ecosystem, with bnb as one of the most prosperous industries in their tourism industry. Also, local bnb usually focuses on a more cultural and homey experience.
Shenzhen - Zhongshuge
Zhongshuge is a newly opened bookstore situated in Shenzhen. It is praised as the most beautiful bookstore in China and it has branches across the Mainland. The 1,300 square-meter bookstore features a spiral red bookcase which stands through from the entrance to the entire store, as if the visitors are visiting to an art gallery!