Rules of Usage and Booking

Rules of Usage and Booking

The renter or venue user must abide by the " Rules of Usage and Booking " (this rule) set by YO PLACE. 

About Rules of Booking:

  1. All rented venues are only for use by organizing groups and participants of on-site activities.  Under no circumstances will the venue be rented or transferred to others.   
  2. YO PLACE reserves the right to terminate the rent of rooms and facilities by offenders at any time. The paid fees will not be refunded. 
  3. YO PLACE reserves the right to refuse any rental application without any explanation.   
  4. The purpose of the venue must be consistent with the rental purpose specified in the application form. The renter or the venue user must ensure that its activities comply with all laws and regulations.  
  5. Renters can check with YO PLACE about the time available for reservation. If you want to visit the venue, you need to submit the "Booking Form"; if you want to book the venue, please submit the "Venue Reservation Application Form" to YO PLACE.
  6. YO PLACE reserves the right to shut down the rented venue.  

Epidemic Prevention Measures:

  1. During the pendemic, in order to cooperate with policy of the HKSAR government, all participants must wear masks. When entering the YO PLACE area, they must scan the "Leave Home Safe" QR code and measure the body temperature.
  2. No eating in all YO PLACE space. Organisers/ renters should not provide refreshment to participants. Vending machine is available for beverages. Avoid drinking in the crowd. 

About Venue Usage:

  1. The renter must clear the venue during the period. If you need to rehearse, prepare the venue or clear the venue, you must rent the required time at the same time. 
  2. The renter shall not directly or indirectly use YO PLACE 's name to promote its activities, services or products.  
  3. Unless prior written approval from YO PLACE is obtained, the renter shall not conduct any trading or monetary transactions on the venue.  
  4. YO PLACE provides the booked space and equipment available in the space to organisers/ renters. Any other additional equipment and collaterals related to activities are borne by organisers/ renters. A list of self-prepared equipment and collaterals must be submitted to YO PLACE and obtain approval 15 working days in prior the event day. 
  5. YO PLACE or YO PLACE employees are not responsible for any damage or loss of items carried by the renter or its participants. 
  6. Without YO PLACE 's permission, renters are not allowed to place or post instructions, notices or any promotional leaflets in YO PLACE area. If found, YO PLACE reserves the right to remove it without notice. 
  7. The renter must remove all belongings, including decoration, promotional and packaging materials before returning the rented venue.  If the above items are found in YO PLACE area, YO PLACE has the right to discard or temporarily store the items and charge the renter the necessary fees.   
  8. If the press is invited, YO PLACE must be informed at least 15 working days before.
  9. If organisers/ renters need to set up backdrops, decorations, and other devices at the venue, written application to YO PLACE is needed, and to obtain approval 15 working days in prior the event day. 
  10. If renters need technical support, they need to submit a process sheet at least three working days in advance for preparation.
  11. Without YO PLACE 's consent, any facility or device at YO PLACE is not allowed to be altered. If any items on the venue are damaged or lost, the renter must pay the relevant fees.   
  12. If you play music or videos in the YO PLACE, you must purchase the relevant copyrights yourself. 
  13. Organisations have to keep the venue clean and tidy. 
  14. CCTV system has been installed within YO PLACE for security purpose.


If the "Rules of Usage and Booking" is revised, no further notice will be given.